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Our Technology

Crowdtech delivers technology for online research. Hundreds of organisations work with the user-friendly and advanced technology offered by Crowdtech's research platform. The platform consists of a number of applications for online research. These applications are fully integrated with one another and offered as a hosted service (SaaS).


product iconen RP Survey

Crowdtech Survey is a hosted service to create and conduct surveys via Internet. The user-friendly management environment allows organisations to create and conduct visual and interactive surveys, link external files, send emails and view results in a real time dashboard.

product iconen RP Panel

A Research Panel is an ideal tool for organisations that want to receive input and feedback from customers, employees, members or other stakeholders regularly. One can ensure that the right target group participates in online quantitative research on each occasion through targeted recruitment and selection.


product iconen RP Community

The members of an Insight Community have access to an online community platform with personalised content where they can express their opinions, enter into discussions on fora or participate in polls and surveys. This achieves optimum integration of qualitative and quantitative methods.

product iconen RP Connect

Crowdtech Connect makes it possible to link Crowdtech's research platform to third-party systems, e.g. CRM systems or other customer databases.

product iconen RP Dashboard

Crowdtech Dashboard can be used to display the results in an online dashboard. Dashboards are used to circulate the most important results/KPIs to different departments and levels within an organisation.

'All applications are fully integrated' 

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