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Crowdtech works in accordance with the guidelines of the ESOMAR and the British Market Research Society (MRS) and provides research technology and market research in accordance with the guidelines issued by these organisations.

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During research projects that Crowdtech conducts for its clients the use of cookies is only applicable when it serves a technical purpose such as quality control, validation and to prevent duplicate interrogation. By changing the default settings in your web browser you can be notified when cookies are being placed on your computer. By altering your browser settings, it is also possible to delete exiting cookies placed on your device.

In addition to research services, Crowdtech mainly provides research software to its clients. In the case of this cooperation Crowdtech is not involved in the data collection and processing of (personal) data and answers. Therefor Crowdtech does not carry control over this data.

Because Crowdtech only processes (personal) data and answers on behalf of its clients all data is treated with the highest level of confidentially. Crowdtech does not own this data which means Crowdtech will never use the data for its own purposes. Crowdtech will never provide personal information to anyone other than to its clients. Requests for access or destruction of these (personal) information and answers will not be processed and will always be referred to the client in question.

Our research software includes security measures to protect the loss, abuse and alteration of the information under our control. Only a limited number of employees have access to the information provided to us through our platform. They have a reduced access to check and perform data analysis and quality control.

If you have questions about market research conducted by Crowdtech, please contact us.

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